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Full Text Search In Webcenter Content “UCM” using java and RIDC API

To Search UCM using Java Code and RIDC we have to change an attribute in the config file of the UCM which you can find under this path


you will find and attribute called ” SearchIndexerEngineName” set to OracleTextSearch

SearchIndexerEngineName=OracleTextSearch      comment it and add the following command


Then you can call the RIDC API from Java code as follows to us the Full text Search


IdcClientManager manager = new IdcClientManager();
IdcClient idcClient = manager.createClient(“idc://serverip:4444”);

IdcContext userContext =
new IdcContext(“username”, “password”); // populate the binder with the parameters
DataBinder binder = idcClient.createBinder();

binder.putLocal(“IdcService”, “GET_SEARCH_RESULTS”);
“dDocFullText <substring> <qsch>” + “your query” +”</qsch>”);
binder.putLocal(“SearchEngineName”, “databasefulltext”);
binder.putLocal(“ResultCount”, “20”);

ServiceResponse response = idcClient.sendRequest(userContext, binder);
DataBinder serverBinder = response.getResponseAsBinder();
binder = response.getResponseAsBinder();

DataResultSet resultSet =binder.getResultSet(“SearchResults”); // loop over the results
for (DataObject dataObject : resultSet.getRows()) {
System.out.println(“Title is: ” + dataObject.get(“dDocTitle”));
System.out.println(“Author is: ” + dataObject.get(“dDocAuthor”));



restart the UCM and start indexing again.


Webcenter Document Service: Remove “IDC Profile:” prefix in upload page

First let me show you the issue , it appears when you click on upload  button in Webcenter Document Service

We are going remove that prefix as it is not user friendly,So we have to customize the Document service.

  1. To enable taskflow Customization use this document
  2. Create a new webcenter customization project
  3. show libraries
  4. navigate to the following package
  5. open the two files upload.jsff and profileUpload.jsff and add a client listener as the next 2 snapshots

    the update should appear in xml files like that
  6. Save All
  7. Deploy application to mar
  8. connect to WLST and Use the following script to deploy the mar to webcenter metadataimportMetadata(application=’webcenter’, server=’WC_Spaces’, fromLocation=’C:\metadata.mar’)

now it should be removed.

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