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Webcenter Document Service: Remove “IDC Profile:” prefix in upload page

First let me show you the issue , it appears when you click on upload  button in Webcenter Document Service

We are going remove that prefix as it is not user friendly,So we have to customize the Document service.

  1. To enable taskflow Customization use this document
  2. Create a new webcenter customization project
  3. show libraries
  4. navigate to the following package
  5. open the two files upload.jsff and profileUpload.jsff and add a client listener as the next 2 snapshots

    the update should appear in xml files like that
  6. Save All
  7. Deploy application to mar
  8. connect to WLST and Use the following script to deploy the mar to webcenter metadataimportMetadata(application=’webcenter’, server=’WC_Spaces’, fromLocation=’C:\metadata.mar’)

now it should be removed.


2 responses to “Webcenter Document Service: Remove “IDC Profile:” prefix in upload page

  1. Thto November 5, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    Hi, I have a similar equirement but cant get the prefix to be removed even after following this blog. What is the “profileRemove” method you ar refering to, is it one of the seeded methods or one of your own that you created. Im using PS4

  2. Mohamed Mitkees November 5, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    Hi, the Client Listener added in the customization , is a js caller that calls js code
    you have to add js code that remove the prefix , and this code can be added in the template of your portal.

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