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OAM Custom Login Page With Webcenter spaces.

OAM is important in Fusion middleware to centralize the login among many different components like oracle webcenter spaces portal and webcenter content. the problem that faces many of webcenter developers that they want a customized login page most likely the oob login page or one with a new design according to their design.

Through this post and the following posts, i will help you create a customized login page.


1.     Creating ADF web application

  • Create a new application with name for example “OAMlogin” and then click finish.

  • Now create new jsp page named “login”
  • Replace the following code to the page

  • Create new deployment profile  for the viewcontroller project and edit it and add context for the project

  • Deploy the application as ear to the server
  • Get the url of the login page

2.     Configure the OAM to see the login page

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