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Starting local Integrated Weblogic Server without starting Jdeveloper for windows

As known Some of us use Integrated weblogic server to easily test and deploy their applications.

Integrated Weblogic server configurations is fully handled by jdeveloper. where we start the Integrated weblogic server from the jdevloper Application server window.

What if i need to start the weblogic server without the jdeveloper(windows only)?

  1. we have to show the hidden folders or files.
  2. go to this path C:\Users\[[Computer user name]]\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\[[system11.]]\DefaultDomain
  3. startweblogic.cmd

where [[Computer user name]] is the name of the user where the jdeveloper is installed at.

and  [[system11.]] is the jdeveloper version you have installed.

enjoy 🙂

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